Tahngarth DeadMane

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Tahngarth DeadMane

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Full Name: Tahngarth Dead-Mane
Titles or Nicknames: Gravedigger
Age: 65
Race: Tauren
Gender: Male
Hair: White
Eyes: Red
Height: 11'
Weight: 620lbs
Notable Physical Features: Tahngarth is an Albino though patches of once white fur around his face and hands have been stained a dark red.

Place of residence: Tirisfall Glades.
Place of Birth: Thunderbluff
Known Relatives: None.

Religion/Philosophy: Peace through Annihilation of all those who would oppose the Horde and the Earth Mother.

Occupation: Warrior, Smith, Gravedigger
Guild Rank: Leader
Known Associates: The Grim
Known Nemesis:

Special Skills: Endurance for work and fight unusually high.
Positive Personality Traits: Loyal, strong sense of Honor. (Example: His refusal to not return his allies to the earthmother, hence his nickname)

Negative Personality Traits: Hates the Alliance and those that sympathize with them. Can be superstitious, or more paranoid of signs and such.

History Before The Grim: Tahngarth was one of the Grimtotem living in Thunderbluff. He disliked the other races of the Horde but eventually befriended a group of Forsaken known as 'The Grim'. They shared an unusual view of the world, and introduced him to their Mandate. Their Mandate spoke to his soul, and his Honor. Soon after he pledged himself to the Mandate, abandoning his Grimtotem ways.

History In The Grim: While it took some time for him to accept his new orc and troll brethren, Tahngarth eventually became a pillar of strength in his new family. He rose through the ranks until one day The Founder Maledictus passed the Honor of leadership onto him, and disappeared.

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