Tlvdatsi Runetotem

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Tlvdatsi Runetotem

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Full Name: Tlvdatsi Runetotem
Titles or Nicknames: Datsi
Age: 18
Race: Tauren
Gender: Male
Hair: Homey Amber
Eyes: Greenish Yellow
Height: 9'5”
Weight: 465 pounds
Notable Physical Features: Light hair and eyes, his coat is Tawny

Place of residence: The Crossroads Inn
Place of Birth: The plains of Mulgore
Known Relatives: none known to The Grim

He is a very young Tauren. He has recently been awarded his first animal form and seems helpful and courteous to the Elders of his tribe and is curious about his new friends “The Grim”. He feels a strong connection to the Earthmother and upon deeper conversation will let you know that the Alliance is an Anathema to his ideas and beliefs that he was raised with

Occupation: Apprentice Leatherworker
Guild Rank: Supplicant
Known Associates: No one yet
Known Nemesis: The Centaur of Kalimdor, unnatural beings, and Druids who break the pact

Special Skills:

Seems to be a jack of all trades, master of none, he can stand on the front line, cast spells from afar, or attack you from the natural surroundings he seems to blend into.

History before “The Grim”:
He has recently come out of the plains near his home and heeded the call of Battle, his Tribe leader Caine Bloodhoof has charged him with assisting their new friends in the horde to prove their loyalty and devotion to the new warchief Thrall. His orders leader Hamuul Runetotem has orded him to seek power and wisdom.

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