Delivered by a drunken Hozen...

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Delivered by a drunken Hozen...

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The Hozen leaves a thick envelope behind made of jungle leaves. Inside is a letter written on brittle paper in a careful, almost art like script.
Appropriate name for the age. Can't say the same, though. Name's Sarvak. Never found out what it meant, but I can reckon what your name stands for.

I been fighting for most of my life, against the cracking of the world and the rippin' of the sky. Too many people think that things'll go back to normal, but then they don't even try to go and fight.

My extended vacation's getting boring. I fought on the Zandalari Front and I can't stay still anymore. Figure the discipline'll make it interesting. So if you'll have an old bear who's a thick wall to his allies, I'm yer man.

Hope you'll have me, and also that y'all understand how to have a good time once the bloodletting's done.
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