From Umn; To whom it may concern..

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From Umn; To whom it may concern..

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I do hope this letter reaches the hands of The Grim.
Soul Eater Ulrezaj of the Farraki had given me a note with directions on where to send this letter...

I am Umn, a Darkspear Arcane Mage working to improve my abilities. Right now, my chances of defending myself are horrible unless you count throwing bread at an enemy an attack. I personally see it as a distraction and it has allowed me to escape some dangerous situations, however - I would like to be able to fight back.

Soul Eater Ulrazaj said I should include this little tidbit of information;
I recently found a raptor roaming about with a saddle. I decided I would take a ride to find out where it would go. It dropped me off in Crossroads and from there I walked to Orgrimmar, which is where I met Soul Eater Ulrazaj. I have reason to believe that this must be the will of Gonk.

For your consideration,
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