Letter of Intent - Anu'tey

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Letter of Intent - Anu'tey

Unread post by Meriette »

I submit for your consideration a sponsorship request. Recently I became determined to further explore the source of the energies fueling Ardenweald and the Night Fae. During this time I ran into an individual some of you may have interacted with in recent past. Bwonsamdi the Zandalari Loa of Death. I know not of his true intentions with the Fae or their queen but there are rumors his actions have stirred a rivalry with his predecessor and original Death Loa Mueh'zala resulting in clashes within a realm Bwonsamdi calls "De Other Side". There have been claims it was this Mueh'zala who whispered the name Windrunner to Warchief Vol'jin influencing his decision to make her successor on his death bed.

It was there, in De Other Side I met a strange Zandalari Druid who called herself Anu'tey. To my delight, she demonstrated her utter contempt toward the Alliance killing mercilessly and with a fervor I thought not possible from what I had ever assumed about druidism. Laughing at my shock, she explained nature isn't only about beauty and life. It can be ruthlessly destructive when it needs to be as all things on Azeroth must have balance. The way a volcano erupts covering the old to build something new or a tsunami washes away the land allowing new growth. I think she would be a great asset in furthering The Mandate and would like to sponsor her as my minion if allowed.

She has asked I pass along a message below on her behalf.

Peace Through Annihilation,


From Anu'tey:
"Greetins to all of da Grim. I be known as Anu'tey, a druid of da Zandalar people an former 'visory member for Princess Talanji. Pleased to be meetin' all of ya.

Recently, da Loa Bwonsamdi saw fit to grant Anu'tey wit a vision which came as a dream. Da vision was of dem dat call demselves alliance. Don't let dem fool wit ya! Dey be sneaky as saurid! When de alliance wanna seem nice, dey send dat Proudmoore girl struttin' round....talkin' big words 'bout alliance an horde helpin' hand to hand. How we should be workin' togeder an such nonsense! Don't be believin' da face of dese lies. Dat boy king dey got, very tricky dat one is. He be havin' a different plan.

De Trolls, Orcs an Forsaken..dem humans seein' us as nuttin' more den low creatures. Why else do you tink dey workin' so hard to get T'rall an Baine fightin' da Win'runner? Dey don't be carin' whedder she really gone bad. Dey not be carin' bout dem horde folks. Dey jus wan' see us horde fightin' an mistrustin' each udder. Makes it a whole lot easier for dem to be pickin' us off don't ya tink?

In da vision, Bwonsamdi showed Anu'tey all dis. He be warnin' da alliance be makin' us der slaves if we be lettin' em. Me tinks da time has come to get rid o dem alliance once an for all. Peace t'rough annihilation as you say!"
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Re: Letter of Intent - Anu'tey

Unread post by Syreenna »

A simple note is sent in reply to Meriette.


Your minion sounds acceptable. Have her seek out any Grim officer to be accepted, or attend the Inquisition Friday in the Hunt Shop.

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