From the desk of Sopheli Ariti, PsyD

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From the desk of Sopheli Ariti, PsyD

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Dear Human Resources Manager of The Grim,

It appears that my patient, Elinel Renn, has had a recent change of employment within your agency that allows her psychological house-call services. The intent of this letter is to request a space within your organization to provide corruption management services to Elinel. I have provided a HIPAA form for your Human Resources department to fill out regarding the request.


Sopheli Ariti, PsyD
Anger and Corruption Management Therapist


Office staff, business associates, and visitors to The Grim satellite office of Sopheli Ariti, PsyD where patients are being treated must sign this Confidentiality Agreement in compliance with Azerothian HIPAA Privacy Law. All visitors to the provided space must follow our protocol, to protect the rights of the patients, staff, and healthcare information.

Under Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), “individually identifiable health information” may be disclosed only with written permission to anyone other than the patient. All discussions about patient medical conditions must be kept in a private setting. All medical records are to be accessed on an as needed basis.

Please sign below to indicate you have read and agree to the above policies.

Name____________________________ Date____________

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