A Sealed Letter

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A Sealed Letter

Unread post by Traejan » Sat Sep 07, 2019 2:08 am

A crisp, neat letter would arrive. For some, the seal stamped in black wax and the almost too neat handwriting might be vaguely familiar.
To Whom It May Concern --

It's been awhile! That is to say, I underwent one of your trials in the past but shit happens and I never managed to complete the second. I'm sure you know how it is with a war on and all. Obligations to the cause, etc.~

Anyway, more importantly, circumstances now allow me once again to devote the appropriate time and energy to serving the Mandate as I intended. I'm sure you're thrilled!

I look forward to speaking with you further.

Lord Traejan Lightrend

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Re: A Sealed Letter

Unread post by Riana » Sat Sep 07, 2019 2:35 am

Coming into her office with a hot cup of tea Riana settles in to go over her mail. Eventually coming across the nice crisp letter.
"Aren't you pretty"
She dabs her quill into some ink and scrawls out a finely penned letter of her own.
Lord Lightrend,

We can set up a meeting to get you antiquated with the Grim. At the moment I see no reason why you can't finish your trials. I will be at the edge of Nazjatar hunting this evening around Nar'anan. If you can seek me out there we can discuss what you have been up to in your absence.

Lady Riana Bloodfang
High Inquisitor of the Grim
Riana took a moment to smirk having not signed as a Lady in a while. Since the man was using titles she thought it polite if a bit pompous.
WrA Grim: Riana, Feyde
Grobbulus Grim: Reaver

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