Freshly flayed demonoid skin

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Freshly flayed demonoid skin

Unread post by Azrathe » Fri Jun 28, 2019 3:58 am

A grotesque, oozing slab of demon's hide is crudely impaled into your main hall's entrance. As you approach it, you recognize what appears to be a language of an unknown tongue woven together with fel energy. Focusing upon the strange language, your mind is assaulted by emotions that do not belong to you --words that are not your own... Unbridled fury...
Enemies of my enemies! The Legion has fallen, and thus my existence teeters upon oblivion! I seek new meaning... My vengeance, insatiable! Where the demon's blood has all but wrung dry, I wish to fulfill that void with new carnage! Invite myself into your fold, that my glaives will drink Alliance essence, and not a life will be spared... Merely mention mine infernal name, and I will seek you out to seal our pact...

As the words fade from your mind, the letter of flesh is engulfed by the bizarre fel energy, melting into a pool of bubbling primordial ooze...

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Re: Freshly flayed demonoid skin

Unread post by Qabian » Fri Jun 28, 2019 7:01 am

Qabian blinks at the mess and considers whether or not to do anything about it, then decides not to. He steps over the puddle of ooze as he heads deeper into the caverns that make up the guildhall. When he gets back to his office, he writes a letter.

As I do not feel like speaking your name at this precise moment, I'll assume the goblins handling the mail are resourceful enough to track you down and hand you an ordinary piece of parchment.

We gather tomorrow evening at the 6th bell at Stonewrought Dam, the shattered dwarven construction on the now-drained lake not far from Ironforge. I assume you are also resourceful enough to find your way there.

We are destructive enough in our way that we may serve to give direction to your bloodlust, but I do hope you can keep it directed away from the Horde, such as it is.

Magister Qabian Grimfire
High Inquisitor of the Grim
((6pm server (9pm EST) Friday, June 28, middle of nowhere Loch Modan, I can throw you an invite if you're online so you can find us, War Mode ON for phasing, if you can't make it just let me know here))
"While our enemies remain, peace is not victory." ~Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner

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